Vol. 43 N. 04, 2017

Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 43 N. 04 – 2017

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EDITORIAL In this issue

577 | Stênio de Cássio Zequi [view article]


579 | Most of patients with localized prostate cancer will be treated in the future? | Opinion: Yes

Paolo Dell’Oglio, Rafael Sanchez-Salas [view article]

584 | Most of patients with localized prostate cancer will be treated in the future? | Opinion: No

Ariel A. Schulman, Thomas J. Polascik [view article]


588 | Impact of local treatment on overall survival of patients with metastatic prostate cancer: systematic

review and meta-analysis

Arie Carneiro, Willy Baccaglini, Felipe P.A. Glina, Paulo P. Kayano, Victor M. Nunes, Oren Smaletz, Wanderley Marques Bernardo, Icaro Thiago de Carvalho, Gustavo Caserta Lemos [view article]


600 | High cancer detection rate using cognitive fusion – targeted transperineal prostate biopsies

Snir Dekalo, Haim Matzkin, Nicola J Mabjeesh [view article]

607 | The awareness of patients with non – muscle invasive bladder cancer regarding the importance of smoking cessation and their access to smoking cessation programs

Emrah Yuruk, Murat Tuken, Aykut Colakerol, Ege Can Serefoglu [view article]

615 | Generation of potent cytotoxic T lymphocytes against in male patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer by dendritic cells loaded with dying T24 bladder cancer cells

Eu Chang Hwang, Seung Il Jung, Hyun-Ju Lee, Je-Jung Lee, Dong Deuk Kwon [view article]

628 | Quality of Life after post-prostatectomy intensity modulated radiation therapy to the prostate bed with or without the use of gold fiducial markers for image guidance or higher total radiotherapy doses

Yazan A. Abuodeh, Arash O. Naghavi, Tzu-Hua Juan, Zhenjun Ma, Richard B. Wilder [view article]

638 | SCUBE1: a promising biomarker in renal cell cancer

Ersagun Karagüzel, Ahmet Menteşe, İlke O.Kazaz , Selim Demir, Asim Örem, Ali Ertan Okatan, Diler Us Altay, Serap Özer Yaman [view article]

644 | Antioxidant enzyme profile and lipid peroxidation products in semen samples of testicular germ cell tumor patients submitted to orchiectomy

Camila Sposito, Mariana Camargo, Danielle Spinola Tibaldi, Valéria Barradas, Agnaldo Pereira Cedenho, Marcílio Nichi, Ricardo Pimenta Bertolla, Deborah Montagnini Spaine [view article]

652 | Editorial Comment: Antioxidant enzyme profile and lipid peroxidation products in semen samples of testicular germ cell tumor patients submitted to orchiectomy

Sandro C. Esteves [view article]

655 | Histopathological analysis of the non – tumour parenchyma following radical nephrectomy: can it predict renal functional outcome?

Rana Birendra, Nirmal Thampi John, Neelaveni Duhli, Antony Devasia, Nitin Kekre, Ramani Manojkumar [view article]

661 | Towards development and validation of an intraoperative assessment tool for robot-assisted radical prostatectomy training: results of a Delphi study

Christopher Morris, Jen Hoogenes, Bobby Shayegan, Edward D. Matsumoto [view article]

671 | Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy in unusual venous anatomy – donor and recepient implications

Avinash Bapusaheb Patil,Tarun Dilip Javali, Harohalli K. Nagaraj, S. M. L. Prakash Babu, Arvind Nayak [view article]

679 | Skin to calyx distance is not a predictive factor for miniaturized percutaneous nephrolithotomy outcomes

Faruk Ozgor, Onur Kucuktopcu, Burak Ucpinar, Fatih Yanaral, Murat Binbay [view article]

686 | Does index tumor predominant location influence prognostic factors in radical prostatectomies?

Athanase Billis, Leandro L. L. Freitas, Larissa B. E. Costa, Camila M. de Angelis, Kelson R. Carvalho, Luis A. Magna, Ubirajara Ferreira [view article]

698 | Effects of body mass index on the outcomes of percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Cemal Selcuk Isoglu,Tufan Suelozgen, Hayal Boyacioglu, Gokhan Koc [view article]

704 | Complications after prone PCNL in pediatric, adult and geriatric patients – a single center experience over 7 years

Sumit Kumar, Ramaiah Keshavamurthy, Vilvapathy Senguttuvan Karthikeyan, Ashwin Mallya [view article]

713 | The effect of extended release tolterodine used for overactive bladder treatment on female sexual function

Athanasios Zachariou, Maria Filiponi [view article]

721 | Long-term response of different Botulinum toxins in refractory neurogenic detrusor overactivity due to spinal cord injury

Giuseppe Lombardi, Stefania Musco, Giovanni Bacci, Maria Celso, Valerio Bellio, Giulio Del Popolo [view article]

730 | Erectile dysfunction in ankylosing spondylitis patients

Thiago Santana, Thelma Skare, Vitor Steil Delboni, Juliana Simione, Ana Paula B. Campos, Renato Nisihara [view article]

736 | Novel penile circumcision suturing devices versus the shang ring for adult male circumcision: a prospective study

Hu Han, Da-wei Xie, Xiao-guang Zhou, Xiao-dong Zhang [view article]

746 Effect of platelet-rich plasma on polypropylene meshes implanted in the rabbit vagina: histological analysis

Natália Gomes Parizzi, Oscar Ávila Rubini, Silvio Henrique Maia de Almeida, Lais Caetano Ireno, Roger Mitio Tashiro, Victor Hugo Tolotto de Carvalho [view article]

753 | Penile alterations at early stage of type 1 diabetes in rats

Mingfang Tao, Cemal Tasdemir, Seda Tasdemir, Ali Shahabi, Guiming Liu [view article]


762 | Use of the Uro Dyna-CT in endourology – the new frontier

Fabio C. Vicentini, Luiz A. A. Botelho, José L. M. Braz, Ernane de S. Almeida, Marcelo Hisano [view article]


766 | Vaginal evisceration related to genital prolapse in premenopausal woman

Lucas Schreiner, Thais Guimarães dos Santos, Christiana Campani Nygaard, Daniele Sparemberger Oliveira [view article]

770 | Ten cases with 46,XX testicular disorder of sex development: single center experience

Emre Can Akinsal, Numan Baydilli, Abdullah Demirtas, Cetin Saatci, Oguz Ekmekcioglu [view article]


776 | Minimally Invasive Radiologic Uretero-calycostomy; a salvage procedure for late transplant rejection ureter necrosis

Erich K. Lang [view article]


779 | Feasibility of Robot – assisted Segmental Ureterectomy and Ureteroureterostomy in Patient with High Medical Comorbidity

Ali Abdel Raheem, Atalla Alatawi, Dae Keun Kim, Abulhasan Sheikh, Koon Ho Rha [view article]

781 | Editorial Comment: Feasibility of Robot – assisted Segmental Ureterectomy and Ureteroureterostomy in Patient with High Medical Comorbidity

Alejandro R. Rodriguez [view article]

782 | Robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy with early retrograde release of the neurovascular bundle and endopelvic fascia sparing

George Augusto Monteiro Lins de Albuquerque, Giuliano Betoni Guglielmetti, Maurício Dener Cordeiro, William Carlos Nahas, Rafael Ferreira Coelho [view article]

783 | Step-by-step Laparoscopic Vesiculectomy for Hemospermia

Marcos Figueiredo Mello, Hiury Silva Andrade, Victor Srougi, Marco Antonio Arap, Anuar Ibrahim Mitre, Ricardo Jordão Duarte, Miguel Srougi [view article]

784 | Editorial Comment: Step-by-step Laparoscopic Vesiculectomy for Hemospermia

Tariq S. Hakky [view article]


785 | Image-guided percutaneous targeting of lymph nodes: a novel approach for salvage pelvic lymphadenectomy in recurrent prostate cancer

Gustavo Caserta Lemos, Arie Carneiro, Guilherme Cayres Mariotti, Jose Roberto Colombo, Marcelo Apezzato, Marcelo Livorsi da Cunha, Fernado Cotait Maluf, Rodrigo Gobbo Garcia [view article]

788 | Nutcracker syndrome: how are we cracking the nuts and whose nuts are we cracking?

Fernando Korkes [view article]