Int Braz J Urol.  Vol. 42 N. 03 – 2016

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407  |  Luciano A. Favorito [view article]


409  | Julio Bernardes [view article]


413  | Active surveillance in intermediate risk prostate cancer: is it safe?
Opinion: Yes
Henk G. van der Poel, Roderick C.N. van den Bergh [view article]

418  |  Active surveillance in intermediate risk prostate cancer: is it safe?
Opinion: No
Nishanth Krishnananthan, Nathan Lawrentschuk [view article]


422  |  Metabolic syndrome and prostatic disease: potentially role of polyphenols in preventive strategies. A review
Tommaso Castelli, Giorgio Ivan Russo, Giulio Reale, Salvatore Privitera, Mario Chisari, Eugenia Fragalà, Vincenzo Favilla, Sebastiano Cimino, Giuseppe Morgia [view article]


431  |  Radical cystectomy with pelvic lymphadenectomy: pathologic, operative and morbidity outcomes in a Brazilian cohort
Renato B. Corradi, Gustavo Jaime Climaco Galvão, Gabriel M. Oliveira, Vinicius F. Carneiro, Wadson Gomes Miconi, Paulo Guilherme Oliveira Salles, Walter Luiz Ribeiro Cabral, Carlos Corradi, Andre Lopes Lopes Salazar [view article]

438  |  4-Ports endoscopic extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy: preliminary and learning curve results
Humberto do Nascimento Barbosa Junior, Tiberio Moreno Siqueira Junior, Françualdo Barreto, Leonardo Gomes Menezes, Mauro José Catunda Luna, Adriano Almeida Calado [view article]

449  |  Evaluation of PCA3 and multiparametric MRI’s: collective benefits before deciding initial prostate biopsy for patients with PSA level between 3-10ng/mL
Sezgin Okcelik, Hasan Soydan, Ferhat Ates, Ufuk Berber, Hasan Saygin, Güner Sönmez, Kenan
Karademir [view article]

456  |  Safety and feasibility of radiofrequency ablation for treatment of Bosniak IV renal cysts
Marcos Roberto de Menezes, Publio Cesar Cavalcante Viana, Tássia Regina Yamanari, Leonardo Oliveira Reis, William Nahas [view article]

464  |  Prostate MRI: a national survey of Urologist’s attitudes and perceptions
Brandon J. Manley, John A. Brockman, Valary T. Raup, Kathryn J. Fowler, Gerald L. Andriole [view article]

472  |  Effect of ejaculation on Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen concentration
Fatih Tarhan, Kadir Demir, Asuman Orçun, Ozlem Cakır Madenci [view article]

479  |  A prospective multicenter European study on flexible ureterorenoscopy for the management of renal stone
Francesco Berardinelli, Silvia Proietti, Luca Cindolo, Fabrizio Pellegrini, Roberto Peschechera, Hennessey Derek, Orietta Dalpiaz, Luigi Schips, Guido Giusti [view article]

487  |  Efficacy of Tamsulosin, Oxybutynin, and their combination in the control of double-j stentrelated lower urinary tract symptoms
Miguel Maldonado-Avila, Leopoldo Garduño-Arteaga, Rene Jungfermann-Guzman, Hugo A. Manzanilla-Garcia, Emmanuel Rosas-Nava, Nestor Procuna-Hernandez, Alejandro Vela-Mollinedo, Luis Almazan-Treviño, Jose Guzman-Esquivel [view article]

494  |  Transcorporal artificial urinary sphincter in radiated and non – radiated compromised urethra. Assessment with a minimum 2 year follow-up
Erwann Le Long, John David Rebibo, Francois Xavier Nouhaud, Philippe Grise [view article]

501  |  Ureterocalycostomy – final resort in the management of secondary pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction: our experience
Venkat A. Gite, Ayub Karam Nabi Siddiqui, Sachin M. Bote, Saurabh Ramesh Patil, Anita J. Kandi, Jayant V. Nikose [view article]

507  |  The “Pelvic Harness”: a skeletonized mesh implant for safe pelvic floor reconstruction
Sumerova Natalia, Neuman Menahem,, Krissi Haim, Pushkar Dmitri [view article]

514 |  The outcomes of two different bulking agents (dextranomer hyaluronic acid copolymer and polyacrylate-polyalcohol copolymer) in the treatment of primary vesico-ureteral reflux
Hakan Taşkinlar, Dincer Avlan, Gokhan Berktug Bahadir, Ali Delibaş, Ali Nayci [view article]

521  |  Association between ambient temperature and lower urinary tract symptoms: a communitybased survey
Sung Ryul Shim, Jae Heon Kim, Jong Ho Won, Eun Seop Song, Yun Seob Song [view article]

531  |  Argus T® versus Advance® Sling for postprostatectomy urinary incontinence: A randomized clinical trial
João Paulo Cunha Lima, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo, Carlos Alberto Bezerra [view article]

540  |  The relationship between histological prostatitis and lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual function
Sukru Kumsar, Osman Kose, Huseyin Aydemir, Fikret Halis, Ahmet Gokce, Oztug Adsan, Zeynep Kahyaoglu Akkaya
[view article]

546  |  Dipstick Spot urine pH does not accurately represent 24 hour urine PH measured by an electrode
Mohamed Omar, Carl Sarkissian, Li Jianbo, Juan Calle, Manoj Monga [view article]

550  |  The effect of breastfeeding on spontan resolution of monosymptomatic enuresis
Eyup Burak Sancak, Ural Oguz, Aykut Aykac, Erhan Demirelli, Omer Faruk Bozkurt, Sertac Cimen [view article]

558  |  Is there a trans-abdominal testicular descent during the second gestational trimester? Study in human fetuses between 13 and 23 weeks post conception
Luciano A. Favorito, Fabio O. Bernardo, Suelen F. Costa, Francisco J. B. Sampaio [view article]

564 |  Single stage: dorsolateral onlay buccal mucosal urethroplasty for long anterior urethral strictures using perineal route
Vikram Prabha, Shishir Devaraju, Ritesh Vernekar, Murigendra Hiremath [view article]

571  |  Are patients with lichen planus really prone to urolithiasis? Lichen planus and urolithiasis
Ural Oguz, Zennure Takci, Isil Deniz Oguz, Berkan Resorlu, Ilknur Balta, Ali Unsal [view article]

578  |  Prophylactic effects of alpha-blockers, Tamsulosin and Alfuzosin, on postoperative urinary retention in male patients undergoing urologic surgery under spinal anaesthesia
Ali Akkoc, Cemil Aydin, Ramazan Topaktas, Mahir Kartalmis, Selcuk Altin, Kenan Isen, Ahmet Metin [view article]

585  |  Host inflammatory response to polypropylene implants: insights from a quantitative immunohistochemical and birefringence analysis in a rat subcutaneous model
Alessandro Prudente, Wágner José Fávaro, Paulo Latuf Filho, Cássio Luis Zanettini Riccetto [view article]

594  |  The influence of distal colon irritation on the changes of cystometry parameters to esophagus and colon distentions
Ezidin G. Kaddumi [view article]

603  |  Effects of L-Glutamine oral supplementation on prostate of irradiated rats
Flavia C. M. Pinto, Waldemar S. Costa, Pamella C. Silva,, Diogo B. De Souza, Bianca Gregório, Francisco J. B. Sampaio [view article]

608  |  Can intraurethral stimulation inhibit micturition reflex in normal female rats?
Tian Yu, Limin Liao, Jean Jacques Wyndaele [view article]

614  |  Nitric oxide and asymmetric dimethyl arginine (ADMA) levels in an experimental hydronephrotic kidney caused by unilateral partial ureteral obstruction
Cabir Alan, Hasan Anil Kurt, Naci Topaloğlu, Ahmet Reşit Ersay, Dilek Ülker Çakir, Gökhan Baştürk [view article]


621  |  Obstructive uropathy secondary to bilateral ureteroinguinoscrotal herniation
Oladapo Feyisetan, Michael S. Floyd Jr., Azi Samsudin [view article]


623  |  Robotic pyelolithotomy for staghorn nephrolithiasis during partial nephrectomy
Hiury S. Andrade, Homayoun Zargar, Peter A. Caputo, Oktay Akca, Daniel Ramirez, Onder Kara, Robert J. Stein, Jihad H. Kaouk (Editorial Comment by Fabio C. M. Torricelli and David J. Hernandez) [view article]

626  |  Transmesenteric Robot-Assisted Pyeloplasty for Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction in Horseshoe Kidney
Aaron M. Potretzke, Anand Mohapatra, Jeffrey A. Larson, Brian M. Benway (Editorial Comment by Lucas Wiegand) [view article]


628   |  RE: A Novel method of ensuring safe and accurate dilatation during percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Tarun Javali, Amey Pathade, H. K. Nagaraj [view article]

630  |  INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [view information]