Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 26 N. 05 – 2000

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450 | Dr. Francisco J.B. Sampaio


452 | Stone incidence and prevention

Hans-Göran Tiselius

463 | Management of staghorn calculi: critical analysis after 250 cases

Jens J. Rassweiler, Christian Renner, Ferdinand Eisenberger (Editorial Comment By Dr. Glenn M. Preminger)

479 | Metabolic alterations and clinical evolution in urinary calcium stone formers

Juan A. Lancina, Serafín Novás, Javier Rodríguez-Rivera, Carmen Barbuzano, Milagros Díez, Marcelino González

488 | Recent knowledge on bcg´s mechanism of action in the treatment of superficial bladder cancer

Andreas Böhle

503 | Atypical small glands in prostate needle biopsies. Diagnostic value of clinicopathological parameters

Carlos Alvarez-Alvarez, E. Alexsandro Da Silva, Daniel Pesqueira, Pilar San Miguel-Fraile, José Antonio Ortiz-Rey, Iosu Antón-Badiola, Ana De La Fuente-Buceta (Editorial Comment By Dr. D. G. Bostwick)

510 | Data of spanish contribution to the european randomized study of screening for prostate cancer (erspc)

Marcos Luján, Alvaro Páez, Luis Llanes, Ignacio Romero, Antonio Moreno, Antonio Berenguer (Editorial Comment By Dr. Renato Scaletsky)

516 | Screening for carcinoma of the prostate in volunteers

Antonio Carlos Pereira Martins, Rodolfo Borges Reis, Haylton Jorge Suaid, Lea Maria Zanini Maciel, Adauto José Cologna, Rodrigo Alexandre Rossi Falconi (Editorial Comment By Dr. Francisco J.B. Sampaio)


523 | Leiomyosarcoma of the kidney

Duarte N. Barradas, D. Araújo, A. Pimenta

526 | Concomitant renal and splenic infarction

Sidney Abreu, Homero Arruda, José Cury

528 | Traumatic testicular dislocation

Gilson De Sousa Oliveira Filho, Leonardo Cesar Silva Oliveira, Daniel Gonçalves Da Justa


530 | Anomalies of the testis, epididymis and vas deferns in normal human fetuses and in patients with cryptorchidism

Luciano A. Favorito, Valter Javaroni, Jayme S. T. Filho, Francisco J.B. Sampaio


535 | Hypercholesterolemia in rabbit induces increase in thickness of the penile tunica albuginea

Cláudio Telöken, Míriam Dambros, Douglas Bonhenberger, Marina Rosa Filha, Rafael De Conti, Carlos Ary Vargas Souto



542 | ¿Qué Idioma Hablará MEDLINEN El Próximo Milenio?

Escandón MAS, Guitián CG, Fernández MMG


543 | Dilema En El Tratamiento Del Angiomiolipoma

Ikari O, D’Ancona CAL, Prando A, Rodrigues-Netto Jr N

544 | Digital Rectal Examination For Detecting Prostate Cancer At Prostate Specific Antigen Levels Of 4 Ng/Ml Or Less

Carvalhal G F, Smith DS, Mager DE, Ramos C, Catalona W


545 | Bladder Stretch Alters Urinary Heparin-Binding Epidermal Growth Factor And Antiproliferative Factor In Patients With Intersticial Cystitis

Chai TC, Zhang CO, Shoelfelt JL, Johnson Jr. HW, Warren JW, Keay S

546 | Variations In Strategy For The Treatment Of Urethral Obstruction After A Pubovaginal Sling Procedure

Amudsen CL, Guralnick ML, Webster GD

547 | The Urethrodetrusor Facilitative Reflex In Women: Results Of Urethral Perfusion Studies

Bump RC


548 | The Monti Procedure: Applications And Complications

Monti PR, De Carvalho JR, Arap S