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The International Brazilian Journal of Urology has been included on The Urology Green List


Dear Readers,
It is our pleasure to announce that The International Brazilian Journal of Urology has been included on The Urology Green List. This site ( has been created to be a reference to assist urology researchers to know which journals are safe to publish in. It is a protection to the investigators against invitations from predators journals and publishers. We thank to and congratulate Professor Henry Woo for this initiative.
Sidney Glina, MD, PhD
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Reviewers: the soul of a scientific journal

Vol. 43 (2): 180-181, March – Abril, 2017

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.2017.02.01

EDITORIAL in this Issue

Sidney Glina
Professor Titular Disciplina de Urologia da Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André, SP, Brasil


Peer review system is like democracy: it is absolutely imperfect, but the best available.
It allows criticism to articles, suggestions for improvement under different perspectives and allows the editor to make a fairer decision about the future of an article.
The reviewer is the soul of a medical journal like International Brazilian Journal of Urology. He/she dictates the quality of publishing, the velocity by which each article reaches the reader, being a voluntary job that takes time. A good reviewer is rapidly identified by different magazines and is overloaded by many requests.

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Selection of best videos of the year for 2016

Vol. 43 (2): 182-183, March – Abril, 2017

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.2017.02.02


Philippe E Spiess,
Video Section Editor, International Brazilian of Urology
Associate member, Department of GU Oncology Moffitt Cancer Center
Associate Professor, Department of Urology University of South Florida Tampa, Florida, USA


Dear esteemed colleagues and friends, As we begin a new year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your commitment in supporting our journal and expanding its readership.
This past year has been truly exceptional in the quality of submissions we have received within the video section of the International Brazilian Journal of Urology.
We are committed in publishing the highest quality videos detailing novel surgical techniques and approaches by leading surgical teams from across the world. Similarly, we encourage groups pushing the envelope in terms of how we can continually
refine the art of surgery and ultimately improve the outcomes of our patients. In this regard, I am pleased to share with you this year’s selection for best videos of the year for 2016. Many individual criteria were taken into account in making this selection
including novelty, superior quality in terms of video depiction and narration, and lastly vides that best depict re-defining surgical approaches to urological diseases.
On that note, here are the selections:

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Radical Cystectomy is the best choice for most patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer? Opinion: Yes

Vol. 43 (2): 184-187, March – April, 2017

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2017.02.03


Leonardo L. Monteiro 1, Wassim Kassouf 1
1 Division of Urology, McGill University Health Center, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Keywords: Urinary Bladder Neoplasms; Cystectomy; Chemoradiotherapy, Adjuvant; Neoadjuvant Therapy

Around the World, radical cystectomy (RC) with bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy (PLND) and perioperative chemotherapy is regarded as the standard treatment for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC). This management approach is supported by numerous renowned organizations and guidelines, such as the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), as well as by the European Association of Urology (EAU) guidelines.
In fact, the latter has assigned RC a grade A recommendation for treating MIBC (T2-T4aN0M0) and high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

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Radical Cystectomy is the best choice for most patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer? Opinion: No

Vol. 43 (2): 188-191, March – April, 2017

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2017.02.04


Timur Mitin 1
1 Department of Radiation Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Oregon

Keywords: Urinary Bladder Neoplasms; Cystectomy; Chemoradiotherapy, Adjuvant; Neoadjuvant Therapy

Progress is a hallmark of human civilization. Over the past centuries, it became easier, faster and safer to travel from point A to point B, and the choices of transportation are now numerous, making it at times challenging for travelers to make their selection and forcing them to buy guidebooks, research travel websites and sometimes even contact the travel agents. Perhaps sailing was once the only way of crossing the ocean, but with advent of aviation it is no longer the case. Similarly, upfront radical surgeries were once patients’ only hope for cure – radical mastectomy for patients with breast cancer, amputation for patients with extremity sarcoma, laryngectomy for patients with laryngeal cancer, radical prostatectomy for patients with prostate cancer, abdominoperineal resection for patients with anal carcinoma. However, over the past 40 years the field of oncology has embraced organ preservation, often, but not always, through randomized clinical trials showing equivalent outcomes with smaller surgeries and adjuvant radiation therapy, or replacement of upfront surgery with definitive chemoradiation therapy, reserving organ extirpation for salvage in case of local recurrences. The management of muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) is no different (1).

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